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Petnyaa Self-Publishing Services was founded in 2005 by Peter Graham and Anyaa H'redulla, two authors who went through the self-publishing experience independently. They both found it confusing, expensive, and very time-consuming!

After successfully navigating their way through the maze, and as a result of inquiries about the process from other writers, they developed a vision: To assist writers to realize their dream of becoming authors... and to do so at an affordable price.

It's understandable that once you've finished writing, you will be anxious to take the next big step and get your manuscript printed! Isn't that why you wrote it? 

Well, Petnyaa can take care of all the necessary steps. During the entire process, you, the author, are in complete control of all aspects of production and marketing. You also retain exclusive rights to your own book.

There are many reasons for self-publishing as you can learn in So... you're thinking of self-publishing by Anyaa H'redulla, but whatever your reasons, Petnyaa is here to support you. 

We offer a number of services to help you get your  book printed and on its way to your target market - whether your goal is the best-sellers' list or your immediate family and friends.

Here's how you can get your masterpiece into print:

  • If you are happy with the interior layout/font, etc; you are confident about your editing skills (or have someone you trust to do this for you); and you have camera-ready artwork for your cover, take advantage of our Publishing Package.

  • Should you require an editor, cover designer, or website for marketing purposes, or you do not feel confident about your formatting skills, Petnyaa will be delighted to quote on any of these services.

Once your book is printed and ready for sale, Petnyaa features your book on our Home Page, adds you to our on-line catalogue and creates separate web pages on our site for you, the author, AND your book. We also provide reciprocal links from our website to yours (if you have one)... to build on your site popularity and allow you to take advantage of our e-commerce options.

Click here for details about the authors we have assisted to date and discover their books in our catalogue

And, if you'd like more information about self-publishing, check out:

So... you're thinking of self-publishing: Preparing you and your manuscript for publishing

by Anyaa H'redulla

Perhaps you have a manuscript gathering dust in an old shoe box, or it lies dormant on a floppy. Maybe it's still in the recesses of your mind, you're in the process of writing it, or it's awaiting the next step - publication! 

Wherever your story, if you've ever considered publishing it, you'll want to read So...you're thinking of self-publishing, a book by one of Petnyaa's founders, which details the pros and cons of traditional publishing and the ins and outs of self-publishing.

5.5" x 8.5" Perfect Binding

56 pages

$13.50 CAD

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